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InnoState Companies Pitch to Boeing at PMBC Seattle Supplier Summit

Partnering with PMBC, the Chamber’s InnoState program recommended 12 aerospace-certified members as companies presented new products to members from Boeing’s purchasing team at the Seattle Supplier Summit. This is the second consecutive year that PMBC has led supplier summits to Seattle and this facilitation provides a competitive advantage across an array of products that includes spacecraft, commercial and military aircraft, as well as logistics and maintenance.

Some of the InnoState companies that met with Boeing purchasers included 3 Dimensional Services Group, Detroit Gun Works and KC Jones Plating Co.

InnoState companies have a strategic low-volume, design-to-build model that aligns with the aerospace industry. InnoState members have held ongoing meetings with Boeing, including at last year’s Seattle summit and the Small Business Supplier Summit with KUKA on February 6, 2014. To learn more about InnoState, click here.