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Investor Spotlight: SRG Global Opens World Headquarters with Eye on Talent

April 10, 2017
SRG Global, the automotive business unit of Guardian Industries and a global leader of high-value coatings on plastics, moved to Troy in September 2016. The key priority? Attracting and retaining talent in a dynamic industry.

SRG Global began exploring options for its new world headquarters in 2015. The company was looking for a space that could connect current and future employees to the company vision of creating superior value for its customers and communities, encourage collaboration and promote the brand. SRG Global found a sustainable and scalable space in Troy, Mich. This space is well-suited for the challenges of growth and change, and allows the organization to focus on its vision and attracting top talent.

“A special effort was put into converting the existing offices into a branding tool and a collaborative space that would encourage and inspire new ideas in an atmosphere of teamwork,” said Dave Prater, president and CEO of SRG Global.

The SRG global headquarters is the flagship for introducing their brand and other elements key to attracting and retaining talent. The open layout and natural lighting convey a focus on sustainable practices; glass windows and doors provide natural light and transparency, and LEDs, open seating areas, central staircases and a communal atrium bring to life the goal of having a world-class, modern, collaborative work environment.

“We are conscious that to hire, develop and retain talent — spaces need to be attractive, especially in the eyes of the millennials and new fields that are part of the technological change the industry is experiencing,” said Brent Rasche, vice president of human resources at SRG Global. “We wanted to harness not only individual production but also collaboration between departments, a critical step to fostering innovation, inspiration and teamwork.”

The new global headquarters is designed to facilitate knowledge sharing while improving performance and productivity in an attractive environment.

“We want employees to be proud of where they work, embrace our culture and find fulfillment,” Rasche said.

The decision to locate in Troy was also important, Prater explained.

“It is a central location, convenient for external customers, suppliers and partners,” he said.

Rasche said the company’s increased focus on talent attraction reflects its tagline, “Beyond the finish.”

“It captures who we are, what we stand for and where we are heading as a company,” he said.

The SRG Global vision confirms this direction: “To be a trusted global partner providing reliable and innovative engineering solutions that create superior value for our customers and society.”

This vision focuses on growth, adding functionality to the company’s current decorative products and being a responsible corporate citizen.

“We want employees to go home saying, ‘I love my job,’ and this building is a great step for us continuing to make that a reality,” Rasche said.

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Editor’s note: This column was submitted by SRG Global as part of a call for MICHauto investor news.