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Investor Spotlight: Wolverine Solutions Group

Wolverine Solutions Group is a Detroit-based business founded in 1978 initially as a targeted direct mail services provider. It has grown to occupy two locations with 200 employees providing an array of critical direct communication services encompassing hard copy and electronic platforms.

Wolverine’s core business is to provide solutions that support strategic growth. Its clients utilize the company’s deep knowledge and experience in business-critical communications to connect with their target market – whether business-to-business or business-to-consumer. Wolverine advises clients on the most effective ways to inform their audience – so they will act. This is called conversion. Conversion is the process of target identification, conversation and retention.

Wolverine simplifies processes to create efficient exchanges between its clients and their target. It does this by supporting clients’ communications strategy to create, maintain, or expand the consumer relationship. Staff collaborate and architect quality solutions that deliver results. The company’s expertise includes targeting and conversion, creating desired outcomes that drive growth, confidence and profitability.

Wolverine leverages vast knowledge and experience in cross media communications to satisfy, inform and educate its clients. It provides on-time, flawless execution that yields compelling value. Wolverine’s integrity, commitment and personal service set the benchmark for target market expansion and retention across a range of industries. For more information on how the company can support your success, please visit