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Jay Want Keynote at 2014 Health Care Leaders Forum

In the U.S. health care system, consumers have become increasingly distanced from the payment and delivery of health care. Additionally, health care costs have increased aggressively over the past few decades. In order for the market to drive change and ultimately reduce costs in the health care system, patients need to be able to select health care delivery options based on price and quality. The only way to do this is to create transparency for both the cost of procedures, as well as quality of care providers. Jay Want outlines his organization’s work in providing the patients of Colorado with usable data to influence health purchases.

Action Plan: Learn how consumer transparency for quality and price can drive changes in the market.

Tune into the following times for further explanations on the following topics:
2:50 Transparency is Cool
4:15 Why does Health Care cost more in the US than in other country?
11:30 Reducing the price of procedures is more critical than reducing number of procedures
18:20 Variation in pricing for a knee replacement.
19:45 Can market forces regulate prices?
27:20 The U.S. uses an average amount of health care, but charges much more.