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Joel Klein, STEM Panel Discuss Innovative Changes Needed to Properly Educate the Future Workforce

The American educational system must increase its curriculum standards and needs leaders to reject “business as usual” techniques, making education the focus, said Joel Klein, former chancellor of the New York City Department of Education, and CEO of the education division at News Corporation. He made that point and highlighted the driving force of the teaching profession should be excellence, as opposed to job security during the session, “The STEM Economy: Innovations in Educating the Next Generation,” sponsored by PNC Bank.

Following Klein’s presentation, Nolan Finley, the editorial page editor of The Detroit News, moderated a panel discussion that included Tonya Allen, president and CEO of The Skillman Foundation; Von Washington Jr., executive director of community relations at The Kalamazoo Promise; and Tiffany Williams, executive director of Teach for America Detroit.

The panel expressed the importance of teaching students to put aside political differences to develop an effective education model for students, as well as providing practical, hands-on STEM experiences early and often.