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Keep Talent Here: What happens After 5?

After talking with more than 500 young people in Southeast Michigan through our talent survey and focus groups (get some background on the project here), we learned that helping people find their “after 5” community was the best way help them feel connected to Southeast Michigan.

“Getting rooted in the community was hard at first because it seemed like events were underground,” one newcomer said in our survey. And even for longtime residents, respondents said it’s challenging to know about activities happening in the region, let alone keep up with new restaurants and venues opening.

Our friends at After 5 Detroit have spent years helping professionals connect to the downtown community. Too often people drive to work, enter their office buildings, and drive straight home at five o’clock. In an effort to help people explore downtown and build relationships with other professionals, the organization started Connect After 5, an event series that allows people to have fun, network and explore downtown.

Companies interested in learning more can sign up through the Connect After 5 website. The next event is February 21st at the Fowling Warehouse.