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Key Facts About Chamber’s Ongoing Work

Facts about the Chamber’s existing business attraction program, Destination Detroit, and our engagement with Oakland County:

  • Destination Detroit, is an award-winning program (Site Selector Magazine “Top Program” Award, 2018).
  • Represents all 11 counties – including serving as the regional point of contact for engagement with the MEDC and provides key assistance to many of the Governor’s international business attraction missions.
  • Has never engaged in assisting a company relocate from one part of our region to another part of the region. That has been a key element of our program ethos – and we have a formal MOU signed by all local partners (including Oakland County) attesting to this operational parameter.
  • The Chamber conducts bi-monthly meetings with all of the region’s economic development entities to coordinate business attraction, travel and trade show engagement. Oakland County representatives are regular and active participants.
  • Oakland County is a long-time supporter and financial contributor to the Chamber’s business attraction program.

How Oakland County directly benefits from the Chamber’s work:

  • Oakland County has benefited more than any other jurisdiction from the Chamber’s business attraction program. In the last two years, 50% of all successful Chamber business attraction projects have been sited in Oakland County (out of 20 projects total).
  • Oakland County actively participated in 18 of 30 (60%) of Chamber-led international and domestic business development outreach trips.
  • While Oakland County receives outsized benefits from its engagement with the Chamber, it contributes less than 8% ($85,000) of the Destination Detroit budget.

Facts about the Chamber’s work with the Regional CEO Group:

  • The Chamber approached Gerry Anderson over two years ago to begin work on enhancing our region’s approach to business attraction and marketing, including discussing ways to increase financial support to best-in-class national levels.
  • The Chamber Board, at the Chamber CEO’s urging, approved the “go forward” plan to work with the CEO to create the new, more robust, business attraction entity.
  • The new entity will be based on the Chamber’s existing program and team, including the unbreakable commitment to serve all parts of our 11-county region.