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Kyle Entsminger

Innovation Manager, Visteon

Kyle EntsmingerAs Innovation Manager for Visteon Corporation, Kyle is responsible for developing new product concepts for tomorrow’s vehicle owners. Over the past three years, Kyle has worked on dozens of projects that received acclaim from both customers and journalists. During this time, he has successfully adapted numerous emerging consumer technologies to create compelling automotive designs. Kyle has a strong background in design, graphics, and software that was cultivated outside of the traditional automotive career path. Leveraging this experience, he is able to apply cutting-edge techniques to create user experiences that are pushing the boundaries of the automotive industry.

Prior to joining Visteon, Kyle had over 10 years of experience working in both the feature film and video game industries. While in the film industry, he produced visual effects for numerous movies, such as: “Exorcism of Emily Rose”, “Chronicles of Riddick”, “Constantine”, and “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” Following his stint in Hollywood, Kyle moved on to become the CEO and Creative Director of Perpetual FX Creative.

Kyle holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Savannah College of Art and Design, majoring in Computer Art with a specialty in Visual Effects.