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Leaders, and Bing himself, weigh in on mayor’s legacy

From the Detroit Free Press

By Free Press Staff

May 14, 2013

I knew my goals could not be achieved in four years. The city’s problems date back 40 years and there was no way that we could do what we needed to do in a four-year term. What I’m positive about is that we have made inroads in the right direction, and the emergency manager will make additional progress over the next 16 months that can add to what we’ve already done.” Mayor Dave Bing

“I appreciate the mayor’s service to the city. He’s had to take on a lot of tough issues and he’s done a lot of good things and I hope he can keep that positive relationship going through the rest of his tenure in office.” Gov. Rick Snyder

“I commend Mayor Bing for his service to the city of Detroit and its citizens. The work that he has begun has set Detroit on a path to achieve many of the goals necessary for the city to thrive. These last two months have been a productive partnership that I look forward to continuing for the balance of the year.” Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr

“There has been an awful lot of restructuring, I would say, just in the course of the past six to nine months that took place under his watch — restructuring of city government. Some people would take issue with some of that restructuring. But I do think that’s something he can definitely claim credit for.” Councilman Kenneth Cockrel Jr.

“Here’s a man who was recruited by the business community four years ago to come in and run for mayor of the City of Detroit. We were in a crisis then. He stepped up to the plate. He did that. It would have been easy for him to coast for four years, to have restored integrity to the office of mayor, to not make tough decisions, to not make unpopular decisions, just let the city continue on the path it has been on for the last 30-plus years. He was willing to step up and do difficult things and make difficult decisions, and I think that will be his legacy.” Portia Roberson, a friend of Bing’s and an Obama administration Justice Department appointee.

“I think his legacy probably won’t be what he thought it would when he first ran and it’s not going to be what I think many people were hoping when he first got elected. But I think it was pretty clear after a short time that his legacy was going to fall short of what we were hoping.” City Council President Charles Pugh

“There have been multiple announcements — the Detroit Works Project — that was not seen through to completion. … I think it’s really up in the air what, if any, legacy he’ll leave.” Councilwoman Saunteel Jenkins

“Mayor Dave Bing stepped up to accept a difficult task at a very challenging time and succeeded in bringing integrity back to City Hall. I am deeply appreciative of Mayor Bing’s service and wish him and his family all the best.” Mike Duggan, former Detroit Medical Center CEO and mayoral candidate

“I believe @mayordavebing ’s heart has been in the right place. He deserves credit for his commitment to serve #Detroit .” Wayne County Sheriff and mayoral candidate Benny Napoleon, on Twitter

“Mayor Bing has been a champion for Detroit, from his playing days with the Pistons to Bing Steel and through his stewardship as mayor of Detroit.”Fred Durhal Jr., state representative and mayoral candidate

“Mayor Bing has worked as hard as anyone to help stabilize the city during some very tough times.” Robert Ficano, Wayne County executive

“The mayor made a difficult decision today — displaying the leadership, and love of the city, he’s shown since taking office. The Detroit Regional Chamber will continue to stand by the mayor as he leads Detroit’s turnaround throughout the remainder of his term. We are exceptionally grateful for his service, which includes putting the city on the right track and restoring integrity to the office.” Sandy Baruah, Detroit Regional Chamber president and CEO