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Lessons from the CEO Mind of Ford Land’s Dave Dubensky

July 3, 2019
“However you choose to get involved, it’s got to be you,” said Dave Dubensky during Inside the CEO Mind on Thursday, June 20, at the Ford Motor Company Conference & Event Center.

Dubensky, CEO of Ford Motor Land Development Corp., spoke with members about his leadership philosophies rooted in authentic engagement and led a dynamic conversation in which he shared best practices for building strong teams and taking impactful action.

“In building a team, it’s so important to build one with people who are not like me. You need that diverse team,” Dubensky said.

During the discussion, Dubensky outlined his three-prong leadership toolkit:

  • Engage to understand
  • Adapt to build trust
  • Act to make a difference

Beyond achieving business objectives, Dubensky cited these approaches as effective ways to “get to know the hearts and minds of the people you work with” — something he credited as key to his professional successes.

An area where he’s been putting these practices to work is with the redevelopment of Michigan Central Station in Corktown. Getting to know the area’s history and people has been essential to Dubensky and his team as they face the challenge of transforming the region into a mobility corridor while maintaining its heritage and legacy.