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Livonia Community Invited to Participate in Ancient Tradition

August 10, 2023
For over four millennia, cultures from across the world have used labyrinths as tools for personal transformation. The Livonia community can now be added to that list with the labyrinth at Angela Hospice, something the non-profit has been interested in installing on the grounds for years and has recently become a reality.

Angela Hospice’s labyrinth dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony was held on Friday, July 21 on the grounds of Angela Hospice, and attended by Angela Hospice staff, members of the Livonia Community Foundation and Livonia Chamber of Commerce, as well as Livonia Mayor Maureen Miller Brosnan.

“The grounds here are so serene and peaceful, a labyrinth seemed like the perfect addition,” said Jennifer Dale, Angela Hospice Director of Community Outreach and Philanthropy. “Our hope is that not only will our staff and volunteers use the labyrinth as a destination for peace and healing, but that the community at large will as well, especially for those who may be grieving a loss.”

While Angela Hospice is well-known for their free grief care programs offered to the community – something they’ve done for decades – the labyrinth will further aid in stress reduction and anxiety for those who walk the path, as will the aromatic plants surrounding it, adding to the transportive, sensory experience.

“A labyrinth involves an intricate symmetry that promotes calm and unity. It is an ancient spiritual tool that predates Christianity and probably Judaism as well,” said Deacon Jenny Ritter, Angela Hospice Director of Spiritual Care. “We can all participate in it equally.”

Ritter was one of four speakers at the event, the others including Dale, Angela Hospice President & CEO, Marti Coplai; and Mayor Brosnan. Many who attended the event took the opportunity to walk the labyrinth path after the ceremony, taking a moment for themselves to feel centered and have a few moments of peace.

This specific labyrinth was constructed in the Santa Rosa style, a modern design inspired by traditional medieval labyrinths, and one that has a unique space in the middle called the heart space.

This space is not walked on but serves as a sacred space for holding symbols of one’s issues, needs, or celebrations, and can be viewed from multiple angles while people walk the labyrinth.

The labyrinth at Angela Hospice was established through grants from the Livonia Community Foundation and the Ford Motor Company Fund, and was constructed behind the Angela Hospice Care Center.

For more information about Angela Hospice and the grief care programs offered, please visit