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Member of the Month: Lucerne International Leading Voice Against Automotive Tariffs

Editor’s note: The Member of the Month highlights a Detroit Regional Chamber member company working to grow the regional economy through innovative leadership and programs or support of policies that benefit the business community at-large.

In the wake of recent tariffs levied on U.S. steel and aluminum imports, Auburn Hills-based Lucerne International is leading the call to protect Michigan’s automotive industry by urging President Trump to reverse the current policy while educating lawmakers on the negative economic impact to the state’s supply chain.

In May, Lucerne President and CEO Mary Buchzeiger joined industry colleagues on Capitol Hill to testify against China tariffs and warned of the implications of a potential trade war. Since then, Buchzeiger has also appeared on NBC Nightly News and penned opinion columns in Crain’s Detroit Business and The Detroit News.

Read Buchzeiger’s message to Chamber members below:

As CEO of Lucerne, I am a proud member of the Detroit Regional Chamber and ambassador of Michigan’s manufacturing and automotive industry. Recently, this quiet work received a lot of public attention. In May, I testified before the U.S. Trade Representative’s Section 301 Committee, politely and respectfully informing the USTR and President Trump that the proposed policy would shutter my business and jeopardize the entire automotive supply chain.

The Washington trip turned into a whirlwind of media interviews, op-eds and conversations with government officials. The goal: promote policies that would help all Michigan manufacturing and automotive businesses – not just mine. I also expressed how hard it is for businesses to react to policy proposals that change every day and that offer short lead-times for implementation.

This experience inspired me to sign Gov. Snyder’s letter supporting civility in public discourse. The rhetoric that has been used, specifically regarding the proposed tariffs, and the speed at which the proposals and talking points change has been alarming.

As a representative of our business community, I am trying to do my part to remain civil and provide input. And I encourage you, as my colleagues, to join me. To continue to grow our businesses and invest in our community, we must make our voices heard.

— Mary Buchzeiger, CEO, Lucerne International