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Matthew J. Eggers

Senior Director, National Security and Emergency Preparedness Department, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Matthew_Eggers_matthew_photoMatthew J. Eggers is a senior director in the National Security and Emergency Preparedness Department at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. He handles homeland and national security issues, such as cybersecurity, chemical security, and pandemics, on behalf of the Chamber’s approximately 200 National Security Task Force members. Eggers also leads the Chamber’s Cybersecurity Working Group, which focuses on developing and advocating the Chamber’s cyber policies before Congress, the administration, and the business community.

In 2015, Eggers was chosen by The Christian Science Monitor to be a Passcode Influencer, the Monitor’s section covering news and ideas about cybersecurity and digital privacy. In addition, he testifies before Congress regarding industry’s perspectives on cybersecurity legislation.