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Mayor Landrieu Advises Detroit Leaders of Lessons Learned in New Orleans

From: WDSU News

By Casey Ferrand

October 22, 2014

NEW ORLEANS —Mayor Mitch Landrieu is offering advice to Detroit business and civic leaders on rebuilding after calamities.

The mayor welcomed a delegation from the City of Detroit and regional business, civic and philanthropic leaders from the Detroit Regional Chamber as they tour New Orleans.

As part of a three-day “lessons learned” tour, the group of more than 30 regional and business leaders from Detroit are seeking insight for that city’s continued revitalization. They are exploring New Orleans’ successful, and still developing, recovery from Hurricane Katrina.

“Both cities struggle, we’re both old, we both have historical problems that preexist any of the calamities we’ve had, ours Katrina, and there’s the bankruptcy. As I’ve said Katrina and Rita didn’t cause all of New Orleans’ problems, and Detroit didn’t go bankrupt overnight, so what we have to do as cities is recreate our systems and make structural changes,” Landrieu said after speaking to the group during a reception at The National World War II Museum- Stage Door Canteen.

The Detroit-based leaders will tour key areas of the city and attend panel discussions to get firsthand experience and insight on the city’s continued growth. Mayor Landrieu advises Detroit leaders of lessons learned in New Orleans.