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A Message from Chamber Economic Development Leadership Council Chair Tricia Keith

Keith_Tricia11We’ve reached an important crossroads in the Detroit region’s journey back to global competitiveness, economic prosperity and vibrant community life – and we can’t afford to miss this great opportunity to choose the right road to travel.

On behalf of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM), I am very pleased to continue our historic involvement in the Chamber’s economic development programs as chair of the Chamber’s Economic Development Leadership Council. I’ll be commenting on various issues from time to time in this newsletter, and I have the privilege of announcing some great news on the eve of the 2013 Mackinac Policy Conference.

The Chamber’s economic development fundraising campaign, the Detroit Regional Prosperity Campaign, has surpassed its $2 million fundraising goal. This successful campaign, in which BCBSM was pleased to make a cornerstone investment, signals a green light from the Detroit region’s business community and public partners for the Chamber to pursue a collaborative, regionally based economic development strategy. Whether you care about Business AttractionMICHauto, the Pure Michigan Business Connect strategic partnership or exciting new initiatives for business to engage in education reform, the Chamber’s economic development initiatives clearly target Michigan’s core assets and economic development needs.

Some friendly advice for the Chamber moving forward: please, keep up the good work.  In our regional, national and global economy, it won’t get any easier to produce jobs, capital investment and qualified talent. The Chamber has accomplished a remarkable amount in two years to rebuild its economic development programs – establishing core relationships with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, building programs that leverage our region’s capacity, and obtaining the buy-in of its regional private and public stakeholders. We look forward to celebrating the economic fruits of this labor at the 2013 Mackinac Policy Conference.