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MI Shot to Win Is Chance for the State to Make Progress on COVID-19 Vaccinations

July 20, 2021
Every person who gets vaccinated against COVID-19 makes a difference in helping Michigan stop the spread of the pandemic. That is why Gov. Whitmer and Meijer created the MI Shot to Win program, which is giving away $5 million in cash prizes and college scholarships. The sweepstakes is designed to incentivize Michiganders to get inoculated as soon as possible during the summer months, when cases are low.

In late May, the Detroit Regional Chamber conducted a statewide poll of 600 registered voters that explored perceptions on vaccinations. 77% of respondents indicated they have received or plan to receive at least the first dose of the vaccine. 5.6% of unvaccinated respondents said it would motivate them to get the vaccine. That is more than 450,000 Michiganders above the age of 16, and an increase of 5% would help the state move towards the target of 70% vaccinated this year.

Michigan has been making steady progress in administering vaccines during the first half of 2021. As of July 19, 2021, 62.7% of Michigan age 16 and older have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. More than 80,000 Michiganders have received their first dose since July 1, when the MI Shot to Win program started.

Halfway through the contest, four Michiganders have already won $50,000 for getting their COVID-19 vaccine, and there is still time for residents to get their shot and sign-up. In a press conference announcing the first winners, Gov. Whitmer discussed why it was so important for people to get their vaccine now.

“If you’ve not gotten your shot yet, the virus is still a very real threat to you,” she said. “Right now, the delta variant is highly infectious and it’s in the United States and here in Michigan. So, if you have your shots, you’re confident and you can relax knowing you’re protected against this variant and others detected thus far. If you’ve not gotten it, know that this variant is to be taken seriously.

“And we hope that you will get your shot and register for your shot to win. Let’s keep our loved ones safe and let’s keep moving forward together.”

In addition to 30 daily prizes of $50,000 and the scholarships, there is a $1 million prize and a $2 million prize. The sweepstakes continues through Aug. 3. The daily $50,000 drawing will be for adult Michiganders who receive a first dose of COVID-19 vaccine between July 1 and July 30.