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Michael Porter and Katherine Gehl to Discuss How Competition in Politics Is Failing America







Michael Porter of Harvard Business School is returning to the 2019 Mackinac Policy Conference, joined by the co-author of his most recent report, Katherine Gehl. The two will speak on how competition is failing the American political system.

Porter and Gehl will offer a new approach on how to reform the political system to improve outcomes. Their report, “Why Competition in the Politics Industry is Failing America” offers strategies for citizens to recapture democracy that Porter and Gehl will reveal at the Conference.

Porter is an expert on competition and strategy in industries and nations and is a Bishop William Lawrence University Professor at Harvard Business School. Porter also serves as co-chair of the nonpartisan U.S. Competitiveness Project at Harvard, as he has done for the past five years.

Gehl is the former president and CEO of Gehl Foods. As a business leader, she began to participate actively in politics. After overseeing the acquisition of her company to a private consulting firm, she shifted her focus to political reform and innovation.