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MICHauto Announces New Research Number, Michigan Home to 2,200 Automotive R&D Facilities

Michigan has long been regarded as the epicenter of the automotive industry and now the state has a new number to celebrate. First announced at the MICHauto Annual Meeting, held in conjunction with the 2017 MICHauto Summit, Michigan is home to 2,200 facilities that conduct automotive research, design, engineering, testing and validation.

The new number is the result of a thorough examination of Michigan’s automotive technical expertise conducted by the Detroit Regional Chamber and reveals a much larger presence than previously reported, reinforcing Michigan’s global leadership in automotive engineering, research and design. Previously, 375 automotive R&D facilities were frequently sourced as housed in Michigan by media as well as industry and government leaders.

The new number was announced by Glenn Stevens, executive director of MICHauto and vice president of automotive and mobility initiatives for the Chamber.

“The findings point to an industry that is growing and further underscores the critical need for talent development in automotive and mobility technology to support the needs of today and the future,” said Stevens.

Attendees also heard highlights from MICHauto’s 2017 Automobility Career Perception Survey, which examines the perception trends of 900 youth and influencers inside and outside of Michigan. Results show that, while perceptions of the industry are changing in Michigan, more work is needed to promote the state’s automotive and mobility leadership to youth and influencers in other states. View the survey summary here.

Additionally, MICHauto unveiled a new online content portal titled “Driven.” The site will shape and position the narrative surrounding automobility in Southeast Michigan, offering content relating to the people, assets and companies that are establishing the region and its automotive sector, as a global leader in next-generation mobility transportation.

Also during the Annual Meeting, Tim Yerdon, outgoing chair of MICHauto’s talent committee, was named this year’s “Volunteer of the Year” recipient.

“There is no better time to be in this industry than right now and I am so excited to be a part of it,” Yerdon said.

Yerdon was recognized for his efforts to showcase the industry’s growth through events like Discover Auto, which helps connect college students with leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers in need of talent.

The MICHauto Annual Meeting was sponsored by PwC.