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Welcome to Driven, the story of the Detroit region’s leadership in advancing the future of next-generation mobility.

More than a century ago, the Detroit region put the world on wheels and changed the transportation landscape forever. The modern automotive industry was built here. Today this ecosystem has grown into the densest cluster of automotive assets on the planet. And while Detroit remains the traditional center of the global automotive industry, it is now aggressively leading the industry’s evolution towards a connected, shared, electric and autonomous future.

The region—an 11-county area with a population of 5.4 million people and more than 300,000 businesses—is home to 16 global automakers, more than 1,800 suppliers, innovative technology, a growing mobility startup and venture capital ecosystem, and numerous connected and automated vehicle research projects and initiatives. Detroit is the global leader in next-generation mobility and is well-positioned to change the way the world moves people, goods and services over the next 100 years. Driven chronicles that story.

Together we will capture and tell the stories of talent, investment, innovation and emerging assets that are shaping our mobility future. No one moves the world like Detroit and no one tells the story like Driven.

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