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Michigan Environmental Firm Teams with a Kansas Community

Farmington Hills, MI, December 12, 2013 – The city of Salina, KS, faced a major groundwater pollution issue. Originating from a former Strategic Air Command base, it posed the threat of tens-of-millions of dollars in remediation and possible future health issues for the citizens of Salina.

The Dragun Corporation, with its global reputation for environmental expertise, was selected to peer review and analyze more than a decade of reports and provide a complete understanding of the situation. The extent and movement of potentially carcinogenic contaminants polluting the groundwater at the airport site were a major concern for the City of Salina. The contaminants were spreading to the surrounding environment that included homes, schools, and businesses.

Dragun’s senior analysts performed a critical analysis of the existing Site Characterization. This determined the type, extent, and movement of the environmental contamination. They redefined the nature and extent of the problem, determined how fast the contaminants were migrating, and identified outstanding data gaps.

“Dragun Corporation helped the Salina Public Entities understand the complexity of the groundwater contamination and identified numerous flaws with the prior technical work performed by other parties on behalf of the federal government,” said Martha Tasker, Director of Utilities, City of Salina. “We have the highest confidence in Dragun’s capability to adequately complete this scale and complexity of work in a timely manner.”

Dragun Corporation has been selected to complete the site characterization, evaluate potential remedies, and prepare a plan for cleanup. In the coming weeks, Dragun will begin the first stage of protecting Salina’s groundwater supply. The United States Government will pay 90 percent of the cost to fill data gaps and to prepare a remediation plan. This is the first time the federal government has financed this type of effort.

“I couldn’t be more pleased,” says Dragun Senior Vice President, Jeff Bolin. “I know the priority of the City of Salina was to gain control of this project and secure the funding so they could protect their groundwater supply. I was confident that our associates had the ability and experience necessary to critically analyze the problem and develop a plan to help Salina reach their goal.”

About Dragun Corporation
For over 25 years, Dragun Corporation has provided world-class environmental consulting expertise and an innovative approach to site assessment and environmental remediation. Dragun Corporation has built a solid reputation with clients across North America and around the globe. Businesses and municipalities, large and small, count on Dragun Corporation to stay environmentally compliant, save money, and avoid unnecessary remediation and litigation.

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