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Michigan Legislature Sends Wetlands Reform Bill to Governor’s Desk

After over two years of stakeholder and DEQ collaboration and work, the Michigan Legislature recently approved and sent SB 163 to the Governor’s desk. This legislation reforms Michigan’s wetlands program and provides greater clarity and certainty on what is regulated in the state, while providing more flexibility and options for applicants when they do need a permit.

A previous Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) audit found Michigan’s current wetlands program to be in violation of the Clean Water Act and could have resulted in the revocation of Michigan’s wetlands program. The legislation creates a better program, aligns more with the Clean Water Act, streamlines the permitting process, provides the regulated community with additional permit exemptions and most importantly– it will keep the wetlands program here in Michigan under state control rather than send it back to EPA.

The Detroit Regional Chamber supported this legislation and is pleased to see that the wetlands program will stay here in Michigan.