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Poll: Michigan voters say immigration helps economy, split on health care

Michigan Advance

July 25, 2019

Derek Robertson

A survey of Michigan voters conducted ahead of next week’s Democratic presidential primary debates in Detroit shows that despite a rancorous media climate, the state isn’t as closely split as one might think on key political issues.

The poll found that Michiganders think immigration is good for the state’s economy by a margin of almost 40 points, that they think climate change threatens the Great Lakes by almost 35 points, and that they agree by more than 20 points that people of color aren’t treated fairly by the criminal justice system.

Veteran pollster Richard Czuba of the Glengariff Group conducted the survey on behalf of the Detroit Chamber of Commerce.

The one issue where voters were closely split was health care, in which a statistically even number of those polled either support or oppose the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), one of former President Barack Obama’s signature achievements. The President Donald Trump administration is backing a federal suit that would toss out the entire law.

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