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Mike Duggan

Mayor, City of Detroit

mike-dugganMike Duggan, elected as Detroit’s new Mayor in November, is perhaps the area’s most successful turnaround specialist, having rescued Wayne County’s finances, the SMART regional bus system and the Detroit Medical Center from financial collapse. In one of Detroit’s most critical elections in decades, Mayor-elect Duggan rose to victory in the general election, as voters recognized his proven track record in multiple sectors. Building on his success on the public and private sector, Duggan won a historic write-in campaign during the primary to appear on the city of Detroit ballot.

In each of his previous roles, Duggan was able to cut costs without significant layoffs, improve services and chart a path to new levels of success. He also is a highly respected negotiator and fighter for the city of Detroit on the issues of crime, public transportation, health care, workers’ rights, recreational opportunities and more.

After graduating from the University of Michigan Law School, Duggan, a Detroit native, resisted the urge to follow many of his friends to jobs in other states. Instead, he chose to commit his life’s work to improving conditions for people of Detroit and surrounding communities.