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Millennial Engagement in Health


Jonathan So, Senior Director of Health Care Initiatives, recently served on the panel focused on Millennial Engagement in Health and Wellness in the workplace at the 2015 Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress in Orlando.  The session, which was was moderated by Vic Villanueva of the ROC Group, centered on the opportunities and challenges in engaging Millennial employees (those born between 1980 and 2000) in their health and wellness benefits. Jonathan’s comments centered on the need to get this population engaged as they will represent 50% of the workforce by 2020 and have no established behavioral patters when it comes to interacting with the health care system.

In  one question centered on busting stereotypes regarding millennials, So said, “I think that many regard millennials as not being loyal to their employer. So a lot of employers don’t want to invest in their young talent who may leave for another job at any time.  I actually think that this generation is one of the most loyal.  If you gain their trust and give them opportunities to grow, they will run through walls for you.  They are your biggest and loudest champions, but they can also be your most vocal detractors. They smell inauthenticity immediately and you can lose them just like that.  Its a population you need to win over every day.”

Another question was in regards to busting health care myths.  So said, “The need to get a CEO involved in health are is a huge myth.  Millennials couldn’t care less about whether the CEO is participating in the walking program. The people who need to be involved is the frontline managers because they are the ones who operationalize the culture in your organization.  They are the key to the success or failure of any initiative.  This is especially important with millennials because the oldest millennials are now 35.  They are or will represent most of an organizations front line supervisors within the next few years and if they are jaded, everyone else will be too.”

Jonathan managed to snap a selfie with the panel just before they exited.

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