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More than 2,300 High School Seniors Show Interest in Detroit Scholarship Fund

The Detroit Scholarship Fund (DSF) offers Detroit graduates a tuition-free path to an associate degree beginning with the graduating class of 2013. The DSF is a place-based scholarship designed to help more Detroit students acquire a post-secondary degree and provide an incentive to live in the city. The DSF awards “last dollar” scholarships that are applied after income-based tuition assistance like Pell Grants are exhausted. The program is supported by private fundraising initiated by Governor Rick Snyder and is administered by the Detroit Regional Chamber.

In addition to providing increased access to higher education, the DSF is working with participating community colleges to increase academic success upon a student’s entrance to college. Students are able to use the scholarships at Wayne County Community College District, Oakland Community College, Macomb Community College, Henry Ford Community College and Schoolcraft College. The Chamber is working with each of these institutions as well as the Michigan Community College Association to develop student support systems and a pilot mentoring program to help students successfully complete an associate degree or transfer to a four year university after two years.

The Chamber is committed to providing the workforce that businesses need now and in the future. For more information on the DSF, please contact Robert Troutman at