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Multi-million-dollar Michigan computer system continues to fail abused, neglected kids

March 19, 2019

Michigan Advance 

Derek Robertson 


Speaking after a Detroit Chamber of Commerce event on Thursday, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer described an “incredibly frustrating” state of affairs, citing the unwelcome “carry over from the last administration [of Gov. Rick Snyder].”

“We are going to fix it,” Whitmer said. “I am confident [new Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Director] Robert Gordon is the man to do it. It’s incredibly frustrating for taxpayers, for me. But most importantly, very worrisome for kids who need protection the most.”

The Associated Press noted that roughly 10 percent of those children “experienced repeated incidents of abuse or neglect” in 2017, according to experts who reported this month to Eastern District Judge Nancy Edmunds as part of an ongoing, decade-plus oversight program that has cost the state $27 million.

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