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P3 Unveils Comprehensive Quality Approach, Surpassing Industry Standards

With rising demand for the highest quality for every product across every industry, P3 has exceeded client expectations with processes and approaches that have been developed and successfully utilized throughout full product life cycle. High product quality is no longer a bonus or a ‘nice to have’ feature, it is a must have. With continually increasing product complexity and world-wide competition, emphasis on high quality is imperative not only for the sustained organizational growth but also for survival. P3 puts the strongest emphasis on implementing quality tools, methods and best practices throughout all phases of specifications creation, product development and validation, supply chain management, launch, series production and aftersales, which allow companies to meet and exceed customer and consumer exceed expectations of product quality. Deployment of comprehensive problem solving techniques coupled with measuring, monitoring and lessons learned sharing ensures not only successful resolution of issues, but also prevents future problems across global organization landscapes.

The process starts with the set up and implementation of a robust Quality Management System (QMS) and best quality practices throughout all levels of an organization, improving organizational effectiveness and efficiency. Continuing this process throughout the entire supply chain and utilizing in-depth supplier assessment and benchmark evaluation results in high customer satisfaction, increased sales, cost avoidance and reduction of unnecessary activities within an organization.

P3’s approach goes beyond industry standards, with a deep knowledge of global best practices, understanding of company and industry specific demands, quality tools and methods, and providing various ways to implement each depending on organizational needs and timeframe. P3’s comprehensive approach to quality management allows our clients to realize significant short and long term improvements and financial gains during each stage of product creation, from concept development to warranty management.