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Republicans Retain Majority in State House with 97.7% of Chamber-Backed Candidates Victorious

As results in key races at the national level remain very much in question, the election outcomes for the state Legislature are pretty clear – Republicans held onto the majority in the Michigan House of Representatives.

How did Republicans maintain their majority? They knocked out two Democratic incumbents in working-class areas in the I-75 corridor in Bay and Genesee counties. Democrats were able to claim two seats of its own in Kalamazoo and Novi, but those were not enough for them to flip the House.

As of this writing, two races in Rochester and West Bloomfield remain in question but based on what we know, Republicans are expected to have at least 56 seats of the 110 seats in the House.

In the House races, 97.7% of Chamber-backed candidates were victorious as the organization again released a bipartisan list of endorsements prior to the election.

What it means for Michigan is the status quo of divided government with a Republican-led Legislature and Democratic Governor during a pandemic. As the leading bipartisan business organization in Michigan, our priority is getting Michigan back on track by defeating COVID-19 so that Michigan can get back to work.

For the Detroit Regional Chamber, our mission is simple: working in a bipartisan fashion with both parties to accelerate our economic recovery. The Chamber is committed to advocating for key priorities including a pro-growth regulatory structure for businesses, protecting employers from punitive tax policy, and creating the most talented workforce in the world.

The Chamber will also continue to serve as the voice of business and promote #MaskUpMichigan as critical to keeping businesses and the economy open.

Addressing the impact of COVID-19 is going to be a tremendous challenge and no one political party, elected official, organization, or economic sector has all the answers. It will require an all-hands-on-deck effort by the entire state working together to move our state forward. The Chamber is ready to play its role.