Know Before You Vote: Proposal 1


Vote “Yes” for Safe and Effective Roads

Over the past 5 years, Michigan has undergone a remarkable reinvention. The state has added hundreds of thousands of new, private-sector jobs, unemployment is at its lowest rate since 2002 and the city of Detroit is experiencing an economic resurgence after swiftly exiting from bankruptcy.

Despite this, Michigan’s reinvention is far from complete and its ability to compete in the global market is facing a significant obstacle here at home due to rapidly deteriorating infrastructure. Our crumbling, dangerous roads and bridges are deterring prospective employers from locating here and putting lives at risk. Motorists are also incurring increased costs due to additional vehicle repairs and accidents.

On May 5th, Michigan will have the chance to fix our roads and ensure people and goods can move safely and effectively. By voting “Yes” on Proposal 1, voters can once and for all guarantee long-term, sustainable infrastructure funding for the state’s roads and bridges.

There is no other plan on the table and Michigan cannot afford any more delays as the cost of maintaining roads and bridges only increases. Proposal 1 is our last, best chance to ensure the safe, effective roads for Michigan’s businesses, drivers and first-responders.

Safe and effective roads are not luxury items. You cannot cut corners on critical infrastructure and expect to prosper. Motorists’ safety and our global competitiveness requires the passage of Proposal 1.

That’s why the Chamber is urging its members to share this message with their employees, colleagues and stakeholders. Your support and willingness to take action is what will make the difference in this election.

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