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Statement from Sandy K. Baruah, President and Chief Executive Officer, Detroit Regional Chamber; Co-Chair, the Campaign to Fix the Debt-Michigan

(Lansing, MI) January 18, 2013 — On Monday, the world will watch American democracy on full display when Barack Obama takes the oath of office for his second term as President of the United States. But while we watch, the Campaign to Fix the Debt-Michigan will also be listening for President Obama to address the skyrocketing national debt.

“It is our hope that the Inauguration will be an inflection point in our decisive political climate, and that the spirit of compromise — the spirit in which our nation was founded — will find its way back to Washington.  While it will take cooperation of both political parties, we look to the President to lead by example.  We are hopeful that President Obama will encourage lawmakers to work together to forge bipartisan solutions that tackle our deficit, bend down the unsustainable trajectory of the national debt, and make real, structural reforms to our entitlement programs.

“Michigan cannot afford further partisan gridlock. The New Year’s Day agreement to avoid the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ only made a modest dent in the very real challenges faced by our nation and the threat of an across the board, blunt instrument-like sequestration still looms large.  If not avoided, sequestration could cost 31,000 Michiganders their jobs as well other Federal funds slated to come to Michigan.

“On behalf of the 7,500 and counting Michigan residents who have signed the Campaign’s Citizen’s Petition to Fix the Debt, I congratulate President Obama on his re-election, wish him success and call on him to lead our nation with a bipartisan spirit.”