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Strategic Partners Services has received “Vendor of the Year 2012”

Marin Management is a hotel management company that understands the importance of superior management and service support for their hotel owners.  SPS has been a backbone vendor enabling them to deliver these services.  SPS has benefited Marin Management hotels with increased guest service scores in 2012 across all departments and has assisted them in developing strategic training opportunities.  Marin Management has expressed appreciation for SPS’s attention to detail, flexibility, and their capability of customizable reporting that remarkably meets the needs of their unique and individual properties.  Marin Management is known to say, “The A+ execution of a B- Strategy will always beat the B- execution of an A+ strategy”.  SPS provides this consistency for their client’s operations.

SPS president, Patrick Tinetti, accepted the award from Marin Management on behalf of the SPS team and was notably proud of his company’s growth and excellence over the past 12 years.  SPS has supplied Marin Management with full on-site mystery shops, arrival only on-site mystery shops, catering department phone shops, group sales phone shops, and reservations phone shops.

John Manderfeld, President of Marin Management had this to say about SPS:

“At Marin Management, Inc., we have gained valuable information from each of the more than 40 hotel reviews provided to us by Strategic Partners Services. Our repeat and referral business has increased because we have improved our hotel guest services, sales professionalism and reservations performance. Strategic Partners Services pointed the way for our management team toward specific areas of potential improvement.”  Congratulations Strategic Partners Service team on this outstanding achievement!  For more information on how you can benefit from Strategic Partner Services visit their website at .