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Students Navigating Unsure Pandemic Waters of Back to School Have Resources Available

FOX 2 Detroit

Aug. 14, 2020

“Every college is doing their own thing and they’re all completely different – they all have different plans – just like every k-12 school district is doing their own thing,” said Ashley Johnson.

Johnson heads the Detroit College Access Network – she says they are offering 1-on-1 free advising for recent graduates who still don’t what they’re doing this fall – as director of the Detroit Promise Scholarship, she says free community college and four-year college opportunities are still available.

“If you’re a student or you know a student from the class of 2020 who is still trying to figure out what they’re going to do in the fall – the promise is still available for them, free scholarships, just for living in Detroit,” she said.

Johnson says decisions about school and safety have to involve the entire family and consider who might be medically fragile – and whether it’s safer to be at home or on campus.

“As much as we want you to have sort of the traditional college experience – we also want you to be safe,” Johnson said.

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