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Susan J. Demas: Business leaders should call GOP’s bluff on Whitmer’s gas tax

Michigan Advance

March 15, 2019

Susan J. Demas

It’s almost springtime in Michigan, which means that it’s time for another glorious season of pothole roulette.

Nobody really denies that our roads are in shambles, as most Michiganders have lost a tire (or several) or coughed up hundreds of dollars for far more serious car repairs. And the $2.5 billion annual cost to really fix infrastructure is considered a conservative estimate.

But GOP leaders who control the Legislature have already called Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s gas tax increase a “non-starter” — while naturally offering up no solution of their own. There’s a danger in this obstructionism, however, as business leaders are generally not on the same page.

In Michigan, we’ve become accustomed to politicians ignoring problems for years — and then settling for half-measures and calling it good.

So Whitmer’s call for bold action is jarring.

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