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Tackling climate change is the smart move for local governments, businesses

September 26, 2020

Michigan Advance 

By: Rick Haglund

Brandy Brown faced skepticism about climate change from the day she accepted her job as the head of the Michigan Office of Climate and Energy.

“Brandy, that climate change stuff isn’t real,” Brown said a longtime friend told her when she was appointed to lead the office last year.

Her friend’s denial of climate change echoes that of President Donald Trump, who insists rising global temperatures had nothing to do with the recent devastating California wildfires. The president’s view has long been shared by most Republican lawmakers.

But Brown, an expert energy strategist with a doctorate degree in interdisciplinary evaluation, is undeterred.

The science showing a warming planet is overwhelmingly on her side. Michigan already is seeing the effects of extreme weather events on agriculture, tourism and the broader economy, Brown said.

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