Chaldean American Chamber of Commerce & Chaldean Community Foundation Announce New Chief Operating Officer

Farmington Hills, MI – December 4, 2018 – The Chaldean Amercian Chamber of Commerce (CACC) and the Chaldean Community Foundation (CCF)  announce that Paul Jonna has been named Chief Operating Officer for both organizations.

Formerly, Jonna was Staff Attorney at the Taubman Company and board chairman for the CACC and CCF.

“Paul resigned his Board positions at the Chamber and Foundation in order to take on this role,” said  Martin Manna, president, Chaldean American Chamber of Commerce. “Paul’s knowledge of both organizations is exactly what we need and we look forward to his leadership.”

Patrick Tomina, the Executive Chair for the Chamber, will step up to serve out the remainder of Paul’s term as CACC Chairman of the Board.

Paul is a graduate of the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law and has a Bachelor of Science in Communication from Oakland University.

About the Chaldean American Chamber of Commerce: The Chaldean-American Chamber of Commerce is a partnership of Chaldean businesses and professionals working together to strengthen member businesses, increase job opportunities, encourage expansion and promote Chaldean business and culture.  We are an ethnic Chamber with nearly 1,000 members representing 4,000 businesses. 30% of our members are non-Chaldean.

About the Chaldean Community Foundation: The Chaldean Community Foundation is a human services organization that offers social, educational and immigration services to 30,000 clients every year. More information about CCF’s mission can be found at