3 metro Detroit colleges to forgive debt for returning students to complete degree

April 30, 2019

Detroit Free Press

David Jesse


In metro Detroit alone, about 693,000 adults attended some college but didn’t graduate. Some 13,000 of those went to Wayne State, while 11,600 went to Henry Ford and another 8,300 attended Oakland.

Records show that 25% of students at the three schools — 24,016 students — who stopped going left with some sort of financial hold on their accounts.

The plans are being promoted by the Detroit Regional Chamber.

“It’s a great way to ease the path back into college,” said Sandy Baruah, president and CEO of the chamber. “If we create a lot of jobs, but don’t have local people who can take those jobs, it’s not as good for the region.”

The plan also meshes with Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s overall plan to increase college attainment across the state, said Brandy Johnson, adviser, postsecondary education and workforce development to Whitmer.

“It sends the message that we need the talent and are willing to do what we can to help,” she said. “It’s really signaling to the population that we want them to get these” degrees and credentials.

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ASE’s Annual HR Conference and Workshops will take place March 15 in Novi, MI.

The American Society of Employers (ASE), one of the nation’s oldest and largest employer associations celebrating 115 years of services, will hold its 15th annual Human Resource Conference and Workshops on Thursday, March 15 at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, MI. The event attracts more than 400 attendees and is the region’s most anticipated one-day Human Resources conference.

“This year’s conference is about transforming the workplace,” Corrado said. “Whether its transformation through technology or culture, the workplace is constantly evolving, and HR must lead the way. Our great line up of keynotes and breakout speakers will discuss best practices in the field, compliance updates, and innovative ways to create a desirable workplace.”

Keynote speakers are Jason Averbook, CEO and Co-founder of Leapgen and Jennifer Moss, Co-founder of Plasticity Labs and author of Unlocking Happiness at Work.

Jason Averbook, one of the world’s leading thought experts on the future of work, will discuss the role HR must play in transforming itself and the entire organization to prepare for the future. HR is the function that is most responsible for keeping the workforce engaged. Jason will challenge your thinking and give you new techniques to re-design the HR function and deliver a ‘consumerized’ workforce experience.

Jennifer Moss, author and happiness expert, will discuss the business benefits of adopting a health, wellness, and happiness strategy – critical for employers who want to attract new talent, improve their brand, and boost profitability in an authentic way that is life-enhancing for their staff. With insightful and practical takeaways, case studies, and the most current scientific research from leading experts, Jennifer will debunk the happiness myths, discuss the science of well-being, and explore the role technology will play in building a happier, higher performing, and more innovative workplace culture.

Conference breakout sessions include:
• The Trump Administration – What Can Employers Expect in 2018?
• Developing Business Value as a Human Strategist
• It’s Time to Accept the Truth: Most Employees are Below Average
• Recruiting for the Next Generation
• Are FLSA Ticking Time Bombs Hiding in Your Organization?
• From Customer Experience to Employee Experience – Designing for Moments That Matter
• Building the Habits of High Performing Teams
• Creating a Technology Strategy to Transform the HR Function
• When Employee Rights Compete With Each Other
• The Business Case for Gender Diversity in Leadership Roles
• Resolving Conflict in the Workplace – 8 Vital Keys for Success
• Goodbye Annual Performance Review! Making the Shift to Agile Performance Management

For a complete conference agenda and registration information, please visit the ASE website.

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