Community Benefits Agreement: 5 Ways ‘Proposal A’ is Awful for Business

In response to two community benefits agreements on the Nov. 8 ballot, this week The Detroit News called on voters to reject Proposal A. This vote comes at a critical time for the city, which is working to keep its positive momentum in the post-bankruptcy era. The Detroit Regional Chamber is unified with Mayor Mike Duggan to ensure the ballot option that best creates opportunity and jobs for Detroiters without providing an obstacle that deters future development and job creation. That is why the Chamber is also supporting a ‘No’ vote on Proposal A.

Why is ‘Proposal A’ awful for Detroit?

Since 2014, Detroit’s residents have gained over 15,000 jobs, and unemployment is at its lowest point since 2001. Proposal A is a burdensome and unmanageable regulation that would halt growth and innovation.

As the first ordinance of its kind in the United States, Proposal A:

  1. Makes Detroit uniquely uncompetitive for new investment, encouraging businesses and developers to choose elsewhere.
  2. Leaves potential job creators at risk to negotiate on their own and shifts the decision to approve private investment in the city from elected officials and planning professionals to unelected and/or ad hoc community groups.
  3. Sets no limits on the number of people involved in negotiations, who they are, or how they are selected.
  4. Sets no time limits on the process, potentially stalling projects and blocking jobs for months or even years.
  5. Allows nearby suburban communities to negotiate community benefits for Detroit projects.

Learn more about Proposal A and why it is awful for Detroit.


Global Productivity Solutions CEO joins Mayor Duggan staff

Clinton Township, Mich. – Sept. 3, 2014 – Global Productivity Solutions (GPS) CEO Aimée Cowher announced that she has left the company to work with Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan as the Executive Assistant to the Mayor and Director of Lean Process Management.

Aimée CowherCowher began working with Mayor Duggan when GPS, an industry leader in productivity improvement and business turnaround, was selected to lead a project to improve the city’s Purchasing processes, as part of Project Lean, an eight-week initiative launched in May.

Project Lean has focused on eight City of Detroit departments, which local business experts analyzed, then provided solutions using Lean Process Improvement, a methodology that removes waste and increases efficiency while improving the value and quality of the service or product provided. Cowher will now oversee all improvement projects for the city.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to play an integral role in making positive changes in the City,” said Cowher. “Our goal is to use Lean Process Improvement to ensure we provide better service to Detroit residents and businesses, and to engage employees to deliver high quality service with the resources we have by increasing efficiency and cutting waste.”

Founded in 2000, GPS provides rapid results for both public and private organizations trying to increase customer and employee satisfaction, productivity, and operating margins. Directly engaging with government leaders or company management, GPS successfully delivers significant results within 90 days that creates a self-funding plan to execute a long-term business improvement strategy.

“Mayor Duggan was extremely impressed with Aimee and her work as a volunteer with the Lean Team, and is thrilled to now have her leading the City’s lean processing initiatives,” said Duggan Spokesman John Roach. “Aimee’s leadership and experience will help to provide a much more efficient and higher quality level of service to our customers across all City departments.”

GPS Founding Partner, Gary Cone, will assume the role of CEO immediately.

About Global Productivity Solutions

Global Productivity Solutions (GPS) is an industry leader in productivity improvement across the supply chain. GPS delivers rapid results sustained by a long-term business improvement strategy. GPS has a unique approach to pursue Operational Excellence® through its 10/90 Challenge. With multilingual capability and global locations, GPS serves small cap companies to Fortune 500 companies including food and consumer products, automotive, chemical and other industry sectors, mining, energy, health care, government services and private equity.

For more information on GPS, visit or call 855-GPS-1090.