‘Mobility Moments’ Focus on Inclusive Leadership, Michigan’s Mobility Innovation

The 2017 MICHauto Summit featured two “Mobility Moments” showcasing two hot-button issues in the automobility industry.

Elizabeth Griffith, director of engineering for GM Global at Faurecia Interior Systems, spoke to the necessity of inclusive leaders and the qualities they exude. According to Griffith, an inclusive leader should be authentic, balanced, creative, fearless, show gratitude, be humorous and innovative, among other qualities. In addition, she made the case for culture’s importance, quoting author Peter Drucker: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” This session was sponsored by Fakhoury Global Immigration.

Following Griffith, IAV Automotive Engineering Project Manager Lars Eggenstein offered his personal insight on Michigan as a mobility innovation hub, citing his experiences both locally and abroad. A native of Germany, Eggenstein commended Michigan’s industry leadership and ability to attract foreign-born talent to original equipment manufacturers. This session was sponsored by Phoenix Contact E-Mobility.