PTI nurses receive NCQA certification

Troy, Mich. —Jan. 21, 2014— Practice Transformation Institute (PTI), providing the health care community with continuing medical education and customized learning programs that improve patient health outcomes and the individual care delivery experience, announces that Carla Irvin, RN, BSN, and Lisa Allen, RN, BSN, have successfully completed a study program and exam to become NCQA PCMH Certified Content Experts.

NCQA offers the most widely known Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) program in the country, the NCQA PCMH Recognition program. NCQA developed the PCMH Content Expert Certification (CEC) program in an effort to help physician practices and other interested parties identify experts with a demonstrated understanding of the NCQA PCMH Recognition program and to provide professionals with a way to validate their knowledge base.

“Certified NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home Content Experts receive thorough training and demonstrate in-depth knowledge to assist organizations applying for NCQA PCMH Recognition,” said NCQA President Margaret E. O’Kane.

Attainment of the credential requires completion of two NCQA educational seminars and successful completion of a comprehensive exam developed and administered by NCQA; a commitment to continuous learning and recertification to maintain the credential is also required.

Allen and Irvin will continue to work with primary care physician practices seeking NCQA recognition and other respected designations as patient-centered medical homes, offering group classes, one-on-one practice coaching, and readiness evaluations through PTI.

About Practice Transformation Institute (PTI) Practice Transformation Institute is Michigan’s leading provider of CME and IACET accredited experiential learning programs for the Patient-Centered Medical Home and other primary care transformation initiatives. PTI was the first organization in the country to be recognized by URAC as a Certified Auditor for URAC’s PCMH program. Practice Transformation Institute is a founding partner of the Mackinac Learning Collaborative, a learning community linking Michigan physicians with their peers to rapidly test and implement meaningful, sustainable change within their physician practices. PTI also runs the Physician’s Training Center in Madison Heights. To learn more about Practice Transformation Institute, please visit