Boy Scouts program aims to help young people, businesses

March 19, 2019 

C&G Newspapers

Brendan Losinski 


The Impact Breakfast will begin at 7:30 a.m. Wednesday, March 27, at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago’s Detroit branch, 1600 E. Warren Ave. Presentations will take place during the meal to demonstrate how taking part in the Explorer program is good for kids, and good for the participating businesses.

“I think what the breakfast will do is explain the value and impact we are trying to do. It’s to explain why this mission is so important,” said Jackson. “We are creating a pipeline for youth with early career exposure. This saves (businesses) the time from finding the youth and helps form a prepared and willing workforce for their industry. It sets them on the path and gives them the resources to expand into that industry.”

“We’re specifically looking for people … for starting young career programs for youth,” added Brice. “We are hoping people will want to expand their opportunities to utilize their company or group to form an Explorer Post for young people.”

Several speakers will take part in the event and discuss the state of employment in the metro Detroit area and how the Explorer program could help.

“We have an opportunity to have a panel breakfast where we will have conversation about the future of Detroit’s workforces,” said Brice. “Sandy Baruah, the president and CEO of the Detroit Regional Chamber; Rory Gamble, the vice president of the United Auto Workers; Portia Roberson, the president and CEO of Focus: HOPE; and Nikolai Vitti, the Superintendent of the Detroit Public Schools Community District, are there to have a one-hour conversation about how to prepare the future workforce, what the challenges are and what we can do to meet those challenges.”

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