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Tarun Kajeepeta

Chief Operating Officer, Mobiliti

Tarun Kajeepeta is the chief operating officer of Mobiliti, a month-to-month vehicle subscription service. Prior to Mobiliti, Kejeepeta founded Condor Detroit, another vehicle subscription service, which was acquired by Mobiliti in July 2018. Kajeepeta’s passion for the car subscription concept originated in an effort to challenge the traditional car ownership model and bring true flexibility to consumers.

With an entirely digital customer interface and a focus on simplicity and transparency, Mobiliti empowers customers to drive a personal vehicle on their own terms. Having built a company from the ground up and now leading operations for a fast growing disruptor, Kajeepeta looks forward to sharing his story with others who are considering an entrepreneurial path in the automotive industry.

Kajeepeta’s work and perspectives are featured in Crain’s Detroit Business, Michigan Public Radio, NBC, and a variety of automotive media and publications.