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The JRT Agency Announces Groundbreaking Take on Digital Marketing

The JRT Agency is proud to announce the launch of its newly restructured digital division and methodology “H.E.D” – HUMAN EXPERIENCE DESIGN

Already known for creating innovative solutions for clients across all verticals, the agency is pioneering an approach that will change the way consumers and businesses tackle digital marketing.

The company’s team of experts across all digital disciplines saw the need for clients to create experiences that not only disrupt and spark curiosity, but that leave an indelible impact on human connection and communication. Consequently, rather than just looking at what the latest trendy technological vehicle is, they are inventing experiences that re-connect humanity and doing so with great success.

“As we look at the world we live in, there is a tendency for marketers to focus on the latest shiny technology or media fads and how that will surely get audiences to respond,” said Jamie McCarthy, Chief Creative Officer- Innovation. “We do the opposite. We focus on people first and then apply our technological and media acumen to best fit the desired outcome. Empathy and experiential impact are key if we’re to truly innovate.”

JRT has already seen success with this approach for clients. Its FCA Automobility campaign alone has not only cleaned up at the award shows, but more importantly, has quickly made a lasting and incredible impact on the brand and its consumers.

The agency knows that marrying the world of technology and humanity is not only an imperative strategy but something that must be honed and customized for each experience. They understand that the concept of digital vs. traditional no longer works. The two must be a cohesive partnership.

“We don’t believe in templating ideas. We aren’t an agency that takes an idea and pitches it to every client until someone bites. Our team is made up of inter-disciplinary experts that understand the nuances of each problem. They dive in to offer up the best experiences and platforms specific to the needs of clients that are also unique,” said Dave Rainney, VP Technology.

Always at the forefront of emerging technology, the JRT team has experience in application development, AR, VR, web development and everything in between. The difference is in how they activate those vehicles.

“JRT has built nearly half a century of success based on tapping into human psychology and understanding the key elements for lasting achievements for our clients and their customers,” said Mark Bellissimo, CEO. “Applying this same direction to the fields and specialties on the forefront of advanced technology is without a doubt a major element in our accomplishments in this realm.”

The triumph of the company’s strategy has led to the attraction of some of the best talent in the industry and the department is growing rapidly with continued expansion anticipated over the next year. Currently, the agency is hiring additional talent and recently promoted and evolved the roles of several people to devote to an infrastructure to further build the success. For more information on job opportunities at the JRT agency click here.