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The New Workplace

Helping Employers Adapt and Prepare 

The Detroit Regional Chamber’s 2021 Mackinac Policy Conference in September served as the most public health-conscious major event in Michigan’s history – with strict vaccine requirements, social interaction wristbands, increased outdoor programming and reduced capacity.  

Chaired by Henry Ford Health System President and Chief Executive Officer Wright L. Lassiter III, the event convened the state’s top leadership as COVID-19 started to transition from pandemic to endemic. Conversation on the island came as society began to grapple with the reality of how best to live with the virus for the foreseeable future.  

Out of those four days of conversation, a clear 2021 Mackinac Conference Policy To-Do List item emerged: Help businesses understand how COVID-19 has permanently changed work life and the workplace so employers can adapt and prepare for a changed environment. 

This Detroiter reflects the Chamber’s commitment to put action to the conversation on the island. 

“Pre-COVID non-clinical (jobs), we used to get about 10,000 applicants a year for housekeepers, valet, transporters. That pipeline is down 50% since pre-pandemic.” 

-Wright L. Lassiter III, President and Chief Executive Officer, Henry Ford Health System; Chairman, 2021 Mackinac Policy Conference