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Walsh StudentsExperience Simulated IRS Investigation

It was a thrilling day in class for Walsh College students to actively participate in a simulated IRS undercover operation led by a team of IRS Special Agents this week as part of the Adrian Project. Students in the Tax 598 (Tax Returns Seminar) and Tax 540 (Tax Practice & Procedure) courses experienced an extensive hands-on simulation of the inner workings of a criminal fraud investigation, as seen through the eyes of a team of criminal investigation IRS Special Agents.

Originally developed by the IRS about 15 years ago, the Adrian Project is an education and training program designed to introduce college students to the law enforcement aspects of a career in accounting and tax.
Led by IRS Special Agents, the interactive learning session covered the process leading up to an enforcement action followed with a live exercise in which students were able to participate in confronting suspects and gather evidence.

“This is a great opportunity for Walsh students to participate in an immersive experience outside the parameters and restrictions of a normal classroom exercise and I would like to thank all those who helped make this hands-on learning session possible,” said Rick Davidson, J.D., LL.M., chair of Tax and Business Law.

The Walsh session featured a four-hour interactive workshop for students to solve a hypothetical financial crime and served as a catalyst to inspire students to consider a career in accounting and law enforcement.

“The goal is to get students to apply their accounting skills and common street smarts,” said Kevin Nalu, special agent for the IRS Criminal Investigations and alum of Walsh College. “This exercise demonstrated how accounting has a forensic application in the real world, and how perseverance, both individually and as a team, are needed to complete an investigation.”