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Warren Evans on Wayne County Turnaround: ‘Our Best Days Are Ahead’

Nearly 18 months after taking office, Wayne County Executive Warren Evans delivered a positive message that the county’s fiscal health is on the upswing and has experienced remarkable improvement during remarks at the Detroit Regional Chamber’s Networking Reception on Tuesday.

Addressing Chamber members at TPC Michigan in Dearborn, Warrens credited the elimination of a $52 million structural deficit and $82 million accumulated deficit to the hard work and fiscal responsibility of his staff.

“We are living within our existing budget. My team has done a yeoman’s job in Wayne County turning it around from where it was a couple years ago,” Evans said.

However, Evans said it is not enough for his administration to just sit back and rest on its laurels, adding that the county is in the process of re-engineering how it delivers essential services such as road maintenance and health care. He also reiterated the importance of regional collaboration with local municipalities.

“When we spend $30 million on road construction and get the jobs done on time and in cooperation with the communities is beneficial to all of us,” he said. “The best way I figure out what our communities need is by working with the leadership in those communities.”

Evans also touched on the unfinished Wayne County jail site, calling it the “albatross” around his neck. He said completing construction is the cheapest way for the county to get a jail, however he said the county will entertain other options until it sends out a request for design bid later this year.