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Weight Watchers Reimagined: WW Named December Member of the Month

Longtime Detroit Regional Chamber member, Farmington Hills-based WW, previously known as Weight Watchers, was chosen as the Member of the Month for December because of its recent effort to broaden the role the company plays in helping individuals live healthier lives. The Member of the Month is awarded to Chamber members that are working to uplift Southeast Michigan.

Florine Mark is the president and CEO of The WW Group Inc, the leading WW franchise in the U.S, housed in Michigan. Mark is a multi-faceted entrepreneur who embodies WW’s mission of inspiring healthy habits among people and communities. While her name and the name of her business is synonymous with weight loss, Mark’s work extends far beyond that. From her contributions to health and nutrition, women and cultural concerns, business and entrepreneurship, and charitable and community revitalization, Mark has left her mark regionally and on a national level.

WW has followed in Mark’s footsteps by taking steps to expand its reach beyond weight loss programs. This change is part of a broader strategy to help individuals reach their health goals by following scientifically proven methods. From eating healthier to moving more and developing a positive mindset, WW is crafting health experiences that cast a broad net on health-related challenges everyone experiences.

One critical component of this strategy is Connect Groups, a new way to strengthen WW’s community and help foster relationships that inspire healthy habits. In the WW app, members can join a group by connecting with individuals like them based on several categories including: food (gluten-free, vegetarian, etc.), life stages (college students, new moms, etc.) and activities (yoga, running, swimming etc.).

This Member of the Month designation is especially timely with the approach of the holiday season. The holidays can prove a difficult time for conquering health hurdles. WW offers a membership that encourages individuals to stay healthy throughout the year, getting them through the holiday season and continuing past the inevitable fitness boom in January and February. WW’s mission is to help individuals achieve their health-related goals for a healthier community.

To learn more about WW’s evolution, visit the website.