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What’s next for Amazon’s HQ2

Jan. 19, 2018

New York Times

Twenty cities got a rose from Amazon and are advancing to the next stage of the competition for its second headquarters.

What New York City, Atlanta, Toronto, Denver and the others can expect, according to Nick Wingfield of the NYT:

“The process will now shift into a new phase, with Amazon representatives communicating more directly with the finalist cities as they prepare to select a winner later this year – and perhaps with cities being even more outspoken about why they should be chosen. Emissaries from Amazon are expected to visit the finalist locations in person.” 

Some Observations

It’s notable that three contenders are in the D.C. area. And would Amazon dare annoy Mr. Trump by picking Toronto?

Rejects’ reactions

  • Detroit: “This is the N.F.L. Economic development at this level, it ain’t beanbag,” said Sandy Baruah of the Detroit Regional Chamber, who said that the city fell short on developing and attracting talent.
  • San Diego: Cindy Gompper-Graves of the South County Economic Development Council said that the city might have done better if California had been more clearer about potential incentives.

Critics’ corner

  • Tom Buerkle writes, “Hundreds of cities hoped Amazon would think outside of the box, but a desire for talent and a welcoming environment led to the usual hot spots.” (Breakingviews)
  • Brian Alexander worries about how cities court big companies: “The way most cities pursue that goal – by offering to forfeit enormous amounts of tax revenues – produces outcomes that have worried many economists for years.” (Atlantic)

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