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Whitmer threatens to veto any auto insurance reform bill that ‘preserves a corrupt system’

May 9, 2019


Malachi Barrett


Ananich said Senate Democrats are ready build a bill that passes the governor’s desk.

“I think we could announce something on the porch of the Grand Hotel at the Mackinac Policy Conference if people are serious about finding a solution,” he said. “If it’s just about jamming something through and trying to play a game of chicken with the governor, it’s unfortunate, but I think there’s an actual path here for the first time.”

Meanwhile, Michigan Republican Party Chair Laura Cox accused Whitmer of playing “partisan games.” In a Thursday statement, Cox said Whitmer is unwilling to compromise with the GOP-led Michigan legislature.

“The ball is still in the legislature’s court,” Whitmer said. “They can either negotiate in good faith and send me a bill that actually protects consumers while we also continue to negotiate a budget that fixes the damn roads, or they can send one of the current bills to me … and we can start all over again.”

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