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World Economic Forum Publishes Detroit Case Study Authored by Chamber Economic Development Team

The Competitiveness of Cities,” a report released recently by the World Economic Forum, included a case study on the city of Detroit co-authored by members of the Detroit Regional Chamber’s economic development team. The report examines the common factors that make global cities competitive through numerous case studies, and was introduced through a webinar featuring participants from every populated continent.

The Detroit case study provides background on the city’s challenges as well as analysis and data on the challenges and opportunities present in Detroit’s economic development as it navigates bankruptcy. The Chamber’s contributors are listed in the endnotes of the 60-page report: Sandy Baruah, president and CEO; Benjamin Erulkar, vice president, new development strategies, Angela Ladetto, director, research, and Christyn Lucas, analyst. The Chamber team worked with Thomas Gray, a graduate student of urban policy analysis and management, at The New School in New York.

The World Economic Forum, which hosts the annual Davos Leadership Forum in Switzerland, has been studying competitiveness for over 30 years by focusing on the assessment of the productive potential of countries. The report can be downloaded as a pdf, where the Detroit case study is available in Chapter 5 on page 34.