Detroit Drives Degrees

D3 Sets Projects for Coming Year

In an effort to catalyze higher education in the region, the Chamber’s Detroit Drives Degrees initiative recently launched its Leadership Council.

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The Reaching for Opportunity

John Austin and a statewide working group have developed a series of recommendations to increase post-secondary credentials from certificates to professional degrees in Michigan.

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Catalyzing 60 percent post-secondary degrees in Southeast Michigan by 2025

Detroit Drives Degrees is a catalyst for post-secondary degree attainment in the Detroit region, which is critical to achieving economic prosperity. This initiative of the Detroit Regional Chamber Foundation will mobilize regional leaders in business, education, government and the philanthropic and nonprofit sectors to increase the post-secondary degree attainment rate in the region to 60 percent by 2025.

In collaboration, these leaders will analyze and disseminate data relevant to talent development, promote the economic benefit of higher education through strategic communication and implement strategies and best practice policies to improve higher education attainment.

There are three ways Detroit Drives Degrees will work to accomplish post-secondary degree attainment:

Increase ACCESS to post-secondary education

Exploring projects such as regional FAFSA completion, college application campaigns and summer programming to increase the number of students enrolled in post-secondary programs.

Improve post-secondary graduation SUCCESS rates

Identifying strategies for outreach to adult learners and additional means to improve first-generation and low-income student persistence.

Attract and retain graduate TALENT in the region

Promoting regionally oriented campaigns for recent Michigan college graduates and talent retention and attraction strategies for Southeast Michigan.

Detroit Drives Degrees is funded by grants from the New Economic Initiative and an Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE) Education Attainment award.