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Detroit Drives Degrees (D3) is working to achieve 60 percent postsecondary degree attainment in Southeast Michigan by 2025. Keep up with the work on the D3 Blog.

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To get a better picture of existing talent strategies, challenges, opportunities and community assets, Detroit Drives Degrees launched a public survey this week. The survey asks if you are a longtime resident, newcomer, boomerang, ex-pat or college student to take the survey which outlines a series of questions for each group of people

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Achieving 60 percent postsecondary degree attainment in Southeast Michigan by 2025

The rapidly evolving economy of the Detroit region requires strengthening the talent pipeline. The Detroit Regional Chamber Foundation’s Detroit Drives Degrees (D3) initiative seeks to increase the proportion of individuals with college degrees and high-skill credentials in the region. With only 43 percent of adults having attained this level of education, D3’s primary goal is to increase the postsecondary attainment rate to 60 percent by 2025.

Educational opportunity not only catalyzes economic development, but can also change lives by improving social and economic mobility. Higher education attainment remains the most assured way to earn a better standard of living, which can have broad and positive impacts on the community.


What exactly is Detroit Drives Degrees (D3)?

A collective impact initiative to improve the talent pipeline in the Detroit region with three areas of focus:

  • Advancing ACCESS to postsecondary opportunities
  • Boosting student SUCCESS
  • Retaining local TALENT and attracting new talent

Detroit Drives Degrees is funded by grants from the New Economic Initiative and an Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE) Education Attainment award.